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Trial is set6/13/2021

The trail for Charles Rodrick, Brent Oesterblad and Sara Shea is set for November 30th this year. We'er working on this website as time permits. Sorry for the mess!

Charles Roddrick enters a plea of not guilty. Next court dates set.4/14/21

 Charles Rodrick has entered not guilty please to the charges he is currently facing out of Arizona.

If you are a victim of Offendex/SORArchives, Charles Rodrick, Brent Oesterblad or Sara Shea, please consider reaching out to the Arizona Attorney General's Office of Victim Services at 602-542-4911 or toll free, 866-742-4911. When asked, cite case number CR2021-001246.

You should also view the restitution brochure found here:

Scheduled court appearances:

4/7/2021 2:00pm Initial Appearance
4/14/2021 9:30am Original Arraignment Hearing
4/27/2021 8:30am Original Arraignment Hearing (Brent Oesterblad)
4/27/2021 8:30am Original Arraignment Hearing (Sara Shea)
6/8/2021 8:15am Initial Pretrial Conference
7/8/2021 8:31am Comprehensive Pre-Trial Conference
8/26/2021 8:30am Pre-Trial Conference
9/9/2021 9:00am Trial


News coverage of Charles Rodrick's arrest4/8/21


The first link seems to have the most information.

BREAKING NEWS: Charles Rodrick has been arrested by the FBI (April 2021)4/7/21

Charles D. Rodrick booking photo (4/72021)


On Wednesday, April 6th, 2021, the FBI arrested Charles Rodrick as he landed in Phoenix, Arizona after a return yearly birthday trip from Costa Rica. 

As of this writing, Mr. Rodrick has been sitting in Maricopa County's jail and has been fitted with a tracking bracelet.

UPDATE: 7:40pm PST, April 6th, 2021, Records indicate he has posted the $30k bond and is free from physical custody. However, he is still fitted with the GPS tracking bracelet.

Notable highlights:

  • Arrested by the FBI on 4/6/2021
  • Fitted with GPS Tracking Bracelet
  • Expected to post a $30,000 bond on 4/7/2021
  • Facing between 12 to 23 years in prison if convicted.
  • The FBI was contacted as early as 2011 about a network of websites operated by Rodrick and Oesterblad.
  • Roderick is scheduled to appear in Maricopa Superior Court on 4/14/2021.
  • A grand jury incitement was issued on March 19th, 2021
  • Rodrick has been charged under State laws in Arizona.

The following is the case number:  CR 2021-001246 and Mr. Rodrick was arrested via warrant.  Mr. Brent Oesterblad and his wife Ms. Sarah Shea were served summons all based on Grand Jury Indictments of the following: 

  • Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices  - class 2 felony ARS 13-2310(A)
  • Illegally Conducting an Enterprise – class 3 felony ARS 13-2312
  • Computer Tampering (Rodrick only) class 3 felony ARS 13-2316(A)(1)
  • 2 Counts of Aggravated Harassment class 1 misdemeanors ARS 13-2921(A)(1)

 At this time, Mr. Rodrick has had his initial appearance and is set for arraignment on 04/14, further court dates will be set at that time.  Mr. Oesterblad and Ms. Shea are to appear in Superior Criminal Court on 04/27 at an appointed time to be arraigned and further dates set. 
Discovery process for the State of Arizona system is different in that it has already been conducted and the due process of a speedy trial should prevail in this case unless any of the parties wish to discuss plea agreements.  If not, at arraignments is when they enter their plea to move forward.


Charles Rodrick is the ringleader behind a network of websites that extorted, harassed and stalked those who have been labelled as sex offenders. Mr. Roderick and his long-time business partner and friend, Brent Oesterblad were identified as the owners or operators of websites like, Offendex-data, Sexoffenderarchives and more. Charles Rodrick would later start harassing and profiling attorneys, reporters and other professionals.


Booking ID: T692483
Screen grab taken 4/7/2021 showing Booking ID: T692483 for Rodrick

Booking details taken 4/7/2021

MORE INFORMATION: (Edited 4/8/2021)